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Digital Radio Tester

MHG-100D is a Digital Radio Tester supports the DRM30, DRM+ AM, FM RDS Generation System. And MPEG signal generator supports all DTV Standards(ATSC, DVB-T/H, DVB-T2, QAM-A/B/C, DVB-C2, ISDB-T, ISDB-S, CMMB, DTMB, T-DMB, DMB-TH Each option is matched with one standard one-to-one Also it is able to output only TS using common interface.

Graphical User Interface
DRM TX/RX Solution
DRM TX Solution
Modulation Changing
Support DRM PLUS
Spectrum Inversion
PRBS Test Stream
Channel Model
Support New Codec Contents
Support Audio Quality Test with New Codec (1K Single Tone)
    - Stereo
    - SBR
    - PS
xHe AAC (Extended HE-AAC)
    - Stereo
    - Mono
Frequency range 100KHz 250MHz
RF Output Level 0dBm ~ -110dBm