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T-DMB Signal Generator

MFG-100/200T is the signal generator for T-DMB. It is all-in-one type generator which has both modulator and up-converter in it. And it is easy to integrate MFG-100/200T and our Ensemble Multiplexer or/and T-DMB Analyzer. MFG-100/200T should be a good solutions for T-DMB receiver manufacture, T-DMB module manufacture, and chipset maker

T-DMB ETI streams playing
Compliant with EN 300 401 and ETS 300 799
T-DMB video service (H.264 + BSAC / AAC+ / AAC++)
Audio service: Musicam
Data Service: SLS / DLS / BWS / TPEG / BIFS / EWS
OFDM modulator integrated
RF up-converter integrated
Function Highlights
Support DAB mode I, II, III, and IV
CAS stream support
Real time AWGN and C/N generation (option)
Real time Level Attenuation : 0 ~ -120 dBm
Pattern Generation - video, audio test pattern
Multi channel providing (option)
Large hard disk type data storage
User friendly graphic user interface
Power level offset
Easy integration with our Ensemble multiplexer and T-DMB analyzer
Output Frequency I,Q or Band Ⅱ,Ⅲ & L-Band
RF output Power 0 ~ -120 dBm ( step 1 dBm )
Accuracy ± 1 dBm
Resolution 1 Hz
Impedance 50 Ohm
RF power off-set 0 ~ + 5dbm (resolution 0.5dbm)
Real time Level Attenuation Available
Auto test (option)
Receiving Frequency Management
Max power input
Receiving Sensibility
Black out