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Wireless Communication RF Station

MP9000 plays the streams recorded from the ADIVIC’s RF Recorders. ADIVIC also provide the users a stream exchange platform, where streams from around the world could be shared and traded.

Perfect solution for DTV, GPS, radio and all RF communications
Field testing signal source
Supports frequency ranged from 25MHz 27GHz
Adjustable bandwidth from 1MHz to 20MHz(MP9200) / 1MHz to 45MHz(MP9300)
Sample rate : 100MS/s
14 bit resolution
Noise floor down to -165dBm/Hz
Internal harddrives support up to 200Min of stream playing(200MHz playin bandwidth)
eSATA interface for external storages
Instant spectrum
Supports GPS location recording with a google-earth enhanced utility
Touch screen : 102 inch
Weight : 23kg
Frequency Characteristics
Frequency range 25MHz to 2.7GHz
Real-time bandwidth
(Digital vector modulation bandwidth)
20MHz maximum(Up to 45MHz)
Frequency resolution 1KHz step minimum
Warm-up time (typical) 30 minutes
Temperature stability +/-20 ppb maximum
Per year +/-100 ppb maximum
Per day +/-1 ppb maximum
Initial achievable accuracy +/-50 ppb maximum
Spectral Purity
Phase Noise@1KHz, 1GHz < -80dBc/Hz
Spurious Responses
Second harmonic < -40dBc
Output third-order distortion(IMD)
(two-13dBm tones, >200KHz apart)
< -70dBc typical
LO leakage < -80dBm
RF Output Characteristics
Output power range @ CW mode -145dBm to -5dBm minimum
Amplitude resolution 0.1dB step minimum
Amplitude accuracy < +/-1db -100dBm ~ -5dBm
Output lmpedance 50 ohms
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio(VSWR)
25MHz to 2.7GHz < 1.7 : 1
Overload Protection on RF Output
Maximum reverse RF power 1W maximum
Maximum DC input ± 50 VDC
Noise Floor@1GHz
-10dBm output power < -120dBm/Hz
-20dBm output power < -130dBm/Hz
-30dBm output power < -140dBm/Hz
-40dBm output power < -150dBm/Hz
-50dBm output power < -160dBm/Hz
IF Band(20MHz) flatness 1dB Typical